Ricardo Jara Franco
Ricardo Franco Jara, a professional civil engineer, possesses a large collection of military helmets, with special emphasis on Chilean Prussian models from the early twentieth century as well as the new generation of modern military headgear. His particular interest is the Pickelhaubes that were issued to the Latin American military. He has published numerous articles on this subject.

Eduardo Krapovickas
Eduardo Krapovickas, owner of an industrial metal fabricating company, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and has been collecting militaria for the last 35 years. While his collection includes military headgear from around the world, he specializes in helmets from South American with particular emphasis on items from Argentina. During recent years he has devoted much of his time to historical research.

Pablo E. Massolo
Paul E. Massolo, is a graphic designer and university lecturer. Inspired by his father, his interest in military helmets began by reading books about the Second World War. He has worked with various publications, websites, museums, and other projects related to the collection of militaria. Born in Bahia Blanca, Argentina, he currently lives in the city of La Plata with his wife, Romina, and their sons, Ignacio and Manuel.

Yves Plasseraud
Yves Plasseraud, lawyer by training, has long been interested in military symbolism and, in particular, one of its preferred expressions ─ helmets. Besides the works mentioned in the Introduction, he has published a number of articles on this topic in French as well as foreign journals.

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